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Beat the Heat: Tips to Keep Your Dog Cool Outdoors and Busy Indoors

A freezer drawer full of dog treats

Can you believe it's already July? We might've made it through our first heat wave in NJ, but with 11 weeks of summer still ahead, there will be plenty of warm days to keep our dogs entertained indoors! While your freezer might not be as stocked as mine (hello multi-dog household with a big time chewer!), having cool treats on hand for your pup during hot weather can improve their day significantly. Here are five ways I like keep my dogs busy when all we want to do is stay in the AC.

  1. Schedule Walks Wisely: Plan walks early in the morning or late in the evening to avoid the hottest times of the day. Look for shady routes to protect your pup's paws from hot pavement. Taking shorter, more frequent walks can also help keep them cool and comfortable.

  2. Always Carry Water: Bring along fresh water using a collapsible bowl or a handy water bottle designed for dogs. Keeping them hydrated is crucial in hot weather, especially during outdoor activities.

  3. Frozen Treats and Toys: Frozen Kongs are a favorite for keeping dogs entertained and cool. Stuff them with a mix of peanut butter, mashed banana, yogurt, pumpkin, or canned dog food, then freeze for a refreshing treat. Other options like the West Paw Toppl or Tux and Jolly Pets Monster Mouth toys can also be filled with frozen goodies for extended playtime.

  4. Indoor Enrichment: Enhance indoor activities to beat the heat with interactive games and mental stimulation. Snuffle mats provide a great way for dogs to use their noses to find hidden treats. Nosework games involve hiding treats around a room while your dog sniffs them out, keeping them mentally engaged. Trick training sessions and games like tug also provide physical and mental exercise, perfect for hot days when outdoor play isn't an option.

As we navigate through the summer heat, these tips can help keep your dog cool, entertained, and happy indoors. By scheduling walks strategically, providing refreshing treats and toys, and engaging in indoor enrichment activities, you'll ensure your pup stays comfortable and engaged despite the rising temperatures. Remember, a little creativity and preparation go a long way in making summer enjoyable for both you and your pup!

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